Beau -Testimonial

April 26, 2012 in Testimonials by hollybery


The gift of an artist is the ability to capture the essence of its subject matter, whether a still life, a magnificent landscape, or the family dog. It is the ability to see beyond the physical and create a work of art that has a depth and meaning beyond words. Holly has this gift.

When Holly first showed me the portrait of my dog, all I could say was, “Oh, it’s my Beau.” And of course it was – from his gentle, soft eyes, to the slightly weary look he has maintained since the day we rescued him. I stared at the image before me and realized that I was in the presence of an amazing, gifted artist who had captured the likeness and inner beauty of my dog. And looking around her house, at the many portraits of dogs and cats, I knew this to be true for each animal she recreated on canvas.

Diane Dixon
Art Teacher – MBMS
Owner – Artist Within Studio