Aria’s portrait 8/29

November 1, 2012 in News, Testimonials

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I just delivered a painting to my friend Lynn.  I am so pleased she is happy.  Here are her comments.

Just had to tell you again how much I LOVE Aria’s portrait.  I hung it on the wall as soon as I got home and think it might be awhile before I get it framed because I don’t want to part with it.  Her eyes are amazing and seem to follow me everywhere – she is my Maltese Mona Lisa!  You are very talented and I’m so glad we did this.




November 1, 2012 in Testimonials

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I did this portrait awhile ago and it’s one of my favorites.  It was a gift that my client gave to her husband.  Here are her comments…

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much my husband loved the portrait of Poe. Not only was it the best gift I’ve ever given someone, but also, his reaction (speech halted and tears shed) was more than I could have hoped for. So, thank you for that.

Beau -Testimonial

April 26, 2012 in Testimonials

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The gift of an artist is the ability to capture the essence of its subject matter, whether a still life, a magnificent landscape, or the family dog. It is the ability to see beyond the physical and create a work of art that has a depth and meaning beyond words. Holly has this gift.

When Holly first showed me the portrait of my dog, all I could say was, “Oh, it’s my Beau.” And of course it was – from his gentle, soft eyes, to the slightly weary look he has maintained since the day we rescued him. I stared at the image before me and realized that I was in the presence of an amazing, gifted artist who had captured the likeness and inner beauty of my dog. And looking around her house, at the many portraits of dogs and cats, I knew this to be true for each animal she recreated on canvas.

Diane Dixon
Art Teacher – MBMS
Owner – Artist Within Studio

Herimone and Spot -Testimonial

April 26, 2012 in Testimonials

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Pet portraits? I thought that sounded a little hokey, but I also knew that Holly had great taste, talent, and skill. When I saw the paintings of my own loved (dog) family members, I confess I teared up a little.

The paintings are both beautiful, tasteful, and capture the spirit of these good old dogs, Hermione and Spot. Hanging these portraits in our home will give us a little smile every time we see them.


Alfie -Testimonial

April 26, 2012 in Testimonials

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I have known Holly for many years and known that she possesses a special talent in the Arts. She has a special eye for fashion, painting and décor. I was recently blown away by the painting she did of my husband and our dog Alfie (Yorkshire-Terrier). When my husband gets home Alfie greets him by sitting between his feet, as you can see below “the portrait speaks louder than words” Holly captured that moment of Alfie that forever will be frozen in this beautiful unique portrait that I will cherish always! Thank you Holly!


Billy -Testimonial

April 17, 2012 in Testimonials

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Animals have been a huge part of my life’s work. Having rescued countless animals over the years and working closely with them in my mobile grooming business, I’ve gained a unique insight into their personalities and quirks. Through the years I have met all types of “pet people,” but no one quite like Holly Medbery. Not only does she share my compassion for animals, she is truly able to capture their spirit on canvas. The portrait she of my Billy left me speechless! All the portraits she creates are true masterpieces, capturing the very essence of the animals’ personalities. I personally know some of the animals she has portrayed and her talent to bring them to life with paint is astonishing. What a fantastic tribute to your best friend to be eternalized on canvas for all to enjoy.


Owner, Groomingdales

Skeezyx -Testimonial

April 17, 2012 in Testimonials

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When Holly told me she wanted to paint pet portraits someday, I thought it was a wonderful idea. I’m so happy she followed through with her “someday” plans! Her portrait of our cat Skeezyx perfectly captures his “cat kiss” expression, his coloring, his sleek fur and fluffy ruff. He IS the softest cat in the world! I love this beautiful painting.
Do you know about “cat kisses?” When a cat feels comfortable around you and likes you, he’ll close his eyes or squint. This is a “cat kiss.” You can return the kiss, or set a cat at ease, by squinting. (Think smiley-squint, not sun-glare squint.) This can really surprise a cat who doesn’t know you, but can be the start of a new friendship!